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YEON Silk Foundation

This flawless silk foundation is applied silky-soft with a hydrating sensation, and even a small amount of the product can cover skin imperfections. Providing both the comfortable application and a full coverage, this flawless silk foundation is a hydrating foundation formulated with traditional Korean herbs that present a clean appearance of skin and adheres to the skin thinly and uniformly to smoothly cover the skin texture, presenting a rosy complexion.


  • 35ml
  • Anti-Wrinkle, UV Protection functional


Gives a seamless complexion that looks noble and elegant with ginseng extract, Ginseng Yakrosu, which controls the base of the skin basis. Bohwa Jungbakbun is made of jewels and is a highly adhesive cover powder that brightens the skin for a clean and natural, but flawless, look.


Ginseng Yakrosu

Obtained by the Yakrojeung Technique, which distills ginseng, used for Hwangjini's skin treatment, which uses water vapor. Ginseng heightens the level of skin hydration with control over the base of the skin and keeps the skin’s texture undamaged under thick makeup.

Bohwa Jungbaekbun

Jungbaekbun is a highly adhesive powder coated with amino acids that perfectly cover the skin flaws. Bohwabun contains ruby, sapphire, and gold dust, which add a bright sheen to the skin.


After applying base products, pump an appropriate amount and spread gently along your skin texture.