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HYO Water-spring Sun Essence

This sun essence softly spreads onto the skin with moistness like an essence and absorbs without stickiness. It protects the skin against external stimulation by blocking fine dusts, soothes heated skin, and provides moisture to dry patches.


  • 60ml
  • UV Protection functional


Your skin has become drier because of the passing of time and external factors such as changes in temperature, wind, and low humidity. When your skin lacks moisture, its surface becomes uneven and rough. The signs of skin aging gradually appear on your skin. The Sooryehan Hyo Water Spring Products are oriental herbal water products to keep your skin moisturized and harmonious with high moisturizing ingredients. They increase the natural moisturizing power of your skin, while soothing irritated skin from external environmental factors.


Fermented hydroponic Ginseng Hyaluronic Acid™

It is composed of two main ingredients, fermented hydroponic ginseng made of ginseng obtained through ecofriendly hydroponics, a way of growing plants with water and nutrients without soil, and hyaluronic acids, which are very effective in moisturizing. It keeps your skin moisturized and healthy, preventing dryness.

Green Tea Extract

It soothes dry and flushed skin due to external stress.


At the last stage of your basic skin care routine, take an appropriate amount of the product after shaking it lightly. Gently spread onto skin exposed to sunlight, such as the face and neck, along the skin texture. Use at the makeup base stage when applying makeup.