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CHUNSAM Sanghwang
Regenerating Eye Cream

This oriental medicinal luxury eye cream fills, tightens and hydrates dry skin around eyes with Chunsam Sanghwang and golden royal jelly. Its hard creamy texture, blended using the secret Saengyulgo formula, absorbs quickly into the sensitive skin around the eyes fast stimulation, rejuvenating youthful skin with a firmer look, while reducing the appearance of dark circles, making the skin bright and radiant.


  • 30ml


Unchangeable, immortal beauty made by an ultimate balance of Yin and Yang energy completely filled and locked in the skin. Sooryehan Chunsam Sanghwang replenishes the skin's Yin and Yang energy with heaven-sent ingredients, Chunsam and Sanghwang mushrooms, grown by mother earth, helping lock and maintain the energies inside the skin for many hours, thereby completing an ultimate balance of Yin and Yang that inhibits any loss or reduction of energy. Rejuvenate your skin for a beautiful, luxurious look with this powerful, deep nutrition boost that will fill your skin, replenishing the energy that is lost with time, with an ultimate balance of Yin and Yang. The esoteric, magical efficacy of the priceless, invaluable ingredients of Jangsaeng Wilfordi Root and Jangsaeng Bellflower Root have vitalized tired, exhausted skin for many decades, with an ultimate balance of Yin and Yang. The extreme energy source perfected by the Yin and Yang regeneration production process: Chunsam Sanghwang



Chunsam is the highest class of red ginseng, embracing the extreme Yang energy. Chunsam is an invaluable oriental medicinal ingredient, obtainable only if there is a good climate (heaven), good nutrition on the Earth (Earth) and a lengthy devotion by man (man). It is a crystal of heaven, Earth and man, produced only within 1,000 ginsengs. Due to such rareness and the highest level of quality, it is deemed as a luxury red ginseng priced ten times as much as the general red ginseng. Its precious saponin ingredient supports revitalization of skin lacking energy to give a pure and firmer look.


The Sanghwang mushroom grows naturally on old mulberry trees. It has a very powerful Yin energy supplementing effect that it has been used as a valuable ingredient from ancient times. Such efficacy works by the essence supplementation of dry skin, moisturizing the skins with a dewy look.

Royal Jelly

This rare and precious royal jelly, well-known for its abundant nutritional ingredients compared to honey, infuses a strong, nutritional vigor into the skin.


Dark circles caused by aging differ from those appearing from fatigue in your 20s. They deepen with time due to the stagnation of skin circulation. Saengyulgo helps smooth and promote the sluggish circulation of the skin.


Before using the cream, take an appropriate amount of the product with the included spatula and meticulously spread onto the skin around the eyes and mouth. Lightly pat for absorption