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  • GINSENG First Essence

    The first-stage anti-aging essence contains Ginseng Jeonghwadan™ and Ginsenoside33™ to keep the skin looking healthy and young. The highly enriched gel essence tones the skin tex...

  • GINSENG Cream

    The highly-enriched total anti-aging cream contains Ginseng Gyeongokdan™ and Ginsenoside33™ to deal with various signs of skin aging. The highly-enriched texture adheres softly t...

  • GINSENG Essence

    Containing Ginsenocide 33™, which is elaborately extracted from the ginseng cultivated at uncontaminated natural farms at Jirisan Mt., this total anti-aging essence keeps skin smo...

  • GINSENG Mask

    The total anti-aging mask contains precious Ginsenoside33™ extracted from wild ginseng that grows on the fresh Mt. Jiri, keeping the skin smooth and firm. The highly-enriched esse...