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  • YEON Silk Foundation

    This flawless silk foundation is applied silky-soft with a hydrating sensation, and even a small amount of the product can cover skin imperfections. Providing both the comfortable ...

  • YEON High Cover Make-up

    Yeon High-Cover Makeup is a balm-textured skin cover, providing a perfect coverage that completes flawless skin with more moisture and more smoothness with enhanced application qua...

  • YEON High Cover BB

    The strong UV-blocking effect and full coverage quality of Yeon High Cover BB easily complete flawless skin. Yeon High-Cover BB naturally and thoroughly covers skin imperfections b...

  • YEON Long Lasting Powder

    The long-lasting powder containing the ultra-slim illuminant powder of high gloss and fine particles is a face powder formulated with Korean traditional herbs that is naturally and...

  • YEON Cushion Base

    This is a base product with a high-adhesion formula that provides an abundant supply of moisture. Used before applying the cushion foundation, it adheres smoothly to the skin and e...

  • YEON Silk Pact

    Fine particles of this product won’t get caky, even when retouched and applied uniformly on the skin. The particles lightly adhere to the skin like a second skin. This finishing c...

  • YEON Silk Rouge

    The lipstick has classic and rich colors for elegant make-up and helps improve wrinkles on the lips

  • YEON Essential Two Way Cake

    Due to enhanced hydrating ingredients, this two-way cake smoothly adheres to the skin and sits well without dryness, thoroughly covering skin imperfections. This product has partic...

  • YEON Green Base

    Providing a feeling of abundant moisture, Yeon Green Base is the product that is applied smoothly like a hydrating cream, and gorgeously evens out the red skin tone and blemishes. ...

  • YEON Silk Lip Balm

    This lip bam rapidly melts by body temperature upon a contact and works with moisture of lips to dye with a natural, gorgeous hue, infusing a lively look.